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Introduction to Mark Harris and information regarding his training and consultancy. 



Details the range of training services and programmes Mark Harris offers to support schools and individuals. 



For more information on the books Mark has written please click the link below. 


"By far one of the best teaching books I have read. Giving both theory and practical advice to improve teaching and learning".

Kerry Sutton, Secondary school teacher of English.

"Harris from experience is able to pack a whole lot of tricks, routines, templates, self-assessments, lesson plans, flowcharts, summary tables and much more into a mere 150 pages. Most teachers would find themselves captivated and excited as they find practical tips they can’t wait to employ in their classrooms [...] I believe that the ‘reader’ will quickly become a ‘user’ if they have a desire to lift their teaching performance. Whether the ‘user’ is a new graduate, or an experienced teacher choosing not to become stale, this book needs to be in their ‘toolbox’." - Peter Kilgour, TEACH Journal of Education.

Providing a step-by-step guide to the key components for creating outstanding lessons, the book includes a wealth of strategies and techniques that are easy to implement and will have an immediate impact on your teaching and students.  With a wide range of examples and case studies taken from different subjects, the book covers all aspects of teaching. 

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