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A series of engaging videos that help you reflect on teaching and learning in the 21st century.

TED Talk: Sir Ken Robinson
Do schools kill creativity? 


This is the most viewed educational TED talk of all time currently nearing 10 million views.  It is not only Sir Ken's delivery which is so compelling but the realisation that we are in danger of sidelining creativity in the pursuit of improving exam results.  Missing the valuable idea that creativity can help us realise the dream of excellence throughout our education system. 

TED Talk: Charles Duhigg.
The Power of Habit.


Ever wondered why we do what we do everyday? Well it is because we have developed habits both good and bad. Charles has investigated the science behind habits and in this video he shares his findings and ideas. 

TED Talk: Carol Dweck
The Power of Yet


Carol Dweck's work on mindset is well known within education these daysHowever not so well known is her idea related to the power of yet. 

Austin's Butterfly


This clip investigates the power of critique and feedback. For me it raised the question 'how accepting am I of work that is below standard'? I don't imagine I have the time or capacity to get students to redraft work five or six times but I can certainly set targets for the next peice of work to be assessed, or ask my students to draft work before they submit their final peice.

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