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Mark Harris

Mark Harris is an Assistant Vice Principal for Teaching and Learning and a practising secondary school teacher, he is a Specialist Leader in Education in the Birmingham region. He designs and delivers professional development for schools in this area, and is also a guest lecturer in the School of Education at the University of Birmingham, UK.

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Trainer and consultant

Mark Harris is a dynamic and enthusiastic trainer. He communicates his ideas confidently and clearly and his warm deliverly ensures all staff buy into his outstanding strategies for success. With purposeful ideas that have a clear impact on staff and student performance, Mark has the ability to make a real difference at your school. Mark Harris offer bespoke training to meet the specfic needs of your school. For more information see the 'Training' tab at the top of the page. 

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Mark has written two widely acclaimed books 'How to Develop the Habits of Oustanding Teaching' and 'Becoming and Outstanding Geography Teacher'. Both books are insightful and offer practical strategies that can be employed in your school. As a current classroom teacher Mark is able to link theory to the pressures and practice of the daily life of a teacher. 

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"Excellent! This book is easy to read and has lots of great ideas you can use in your lessons straight away, helping you to develop good habits and routines".

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